Welcome to 3d420.com!

I've been smoking cannabis and taking 3-d pictures since I was a young boy growing up in Chicago.
I've been a cannabis activist most of my life, and I believe it should be completely legal for anyone to use it.
Several years ago I was wandering the streets of Amsterdam looking for a particular cannabis coffeeshop I wanted to revisit. 
It turned out it was not a coffeeshop anymore, and I decided to start documenting the changes that were happening.
I put together a stereo camera rig, and began traveling around Holland taking pictures of coffeeshops.

For an 'extra stoned' effect, a fisheye lens setup has been used in some of the shots!

My friends in America liked the pictures but asked "where are the pictures of the weed?"
So I started experimenting with 3-d photos of weed.
Meanwhile, I moved to Oregon where I became an authorized medical mariuana patient, met a lot of other patients and growers, and saw a lot more cannabis.

Over the years a lot of people have asked where they could see my 3-d photos
There was some talk of a book, but a publisher was never found so I decided to create this website.
My goal is to show the worlds best cannabis and the best places to get it and grow it...
    ...in 3-d!

I'm still experimenting with 3-d weed photography (and marijuana!) but I hope you will find my experiments amusing.

I'm more of a weed guy than a web guy so please be patient as it will take a few weeks for me to get the website fully functioning.


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